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New Machines

CNC International represents, as sole UK and Ireland agents, some of the most innovative manufacturers of die sink, wire EDM, EDM drilling and high speed machining equipment. Our principals include:

  • ONA EDM - Die Sink & Wire EDM from Spain, Pioneers in the development of EDM technologies, ONA is the world’s oldest EDM machine manufacturer, the European Union’s first and one of the world’s most important manufacturers.
  • Accutex - Wire EDM machines from Tiawans leading producer.
  • Exeron - EDM and High Speed Machining from Germany
  • Neu-ar – Die Sink EDM from Taiwan
  • Yan Yang - EDM drilling from Taiwan


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Accutex AP-6040A+

AL 400SA

Accutex AL-400

AL 600SA

Accutex AL-600

AL 750SA

Accutex AL-750SA


Accutex GA43L


Accutex GA-53L

AU 1000IA WINCE 黑白鈑金 Jpg 400X300

Accutex AU-1000iA

AU 860IA WINCE 400X300

Accutex AU-860iA


Accutex AU-600iA


Accutex AU-500iA


Accutex AU-300iA

EDM 310

Exeron EDM 310

EDM 312

Exeron EDM 312

EDM 313

Exeron EDM 313

EDM 314

Exeron EDM 314

EDM 316

Exeron EDM 316


Exeron EDM 316 XXL

HSC 300 3

Exeron HSC 300/3

HSC 300 P

Exeron HSC 300/P

HSC 500

Exeron HSC 500

HSC 600

Exeron HSC 600

HSC 800

Exeron HSC 800

Linear Drive HSC

Exeron HSC-MP7

CNC C 50

Neuar C-50

CNC C 90

Neuar C-90

No Image Available

Neuar C-600

CNC C 800

Neuar C-800

No Image Available

Neuar C-1000

No Image Available

Neuar C-1200

No Image Available

Neuar C-1400

No Image Available

Neuar C-1600

No Image Available

Neuar C-1800

No Image Available

Neuar C-2000

ZNC 30

Neuar ZNC-30

ZNC 50

Neuar ZNC-50

ZNC 90

Neuar ZNC-90

CNC M 30

Neuar M-30

CNC M 50

Neuar M-50

SY 2030A

Shiang Yang SY-2030A

SY 2535

Shiang Yang SY-2535

SY 3545

Shiang Yang SY-3545

SY 4055

Shiang Yang SY-4055

SY 2535S

Shiang Yang SY-2535S