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CNC International Introduces New EDM Machine

02 Jun 2015


As a name synonymous with high quality EDM and 5-axis machining solutions, the Exeron brand has now launched its latest innovation, the EDM 312 MF30 that is now available in the UK from EDM specialist CNC International. As one of the UK's leading EDM vendors, CNC International has enjoyed considerable success with the Exeron line and the latest addition will undoubtedly confirm its position as the UK benchmark in EDM technology. 

The new EDM 312 MF30 has been created to be a robust, compact and versatile machine that is ideal for a wide variety of applications. Extremely compact with an overall footprint of 1950 by 1800 by 2500mm (WxDxH), the EDM 312 has a work envelope of 450 by 300 by 300mm in the X, Y and Z axes. This travel is provided over a table of 820 by 400mm. Not only is the work envelope remarkably spacious for a compact machine, it has also been designed to support heavy loads in the Z-axis with a maximum table load capacity of 800kg. 

The small overall footprint of the EDM312 MF30 is credit to the Exeron R&D team that has manufactured a machine that integrates all process related systems and units within the compact frame of the machine. From a precision perspective, the EDM312 has digital AC direct drive servo motors and linear glass scales for the highest possible drive and control dynamics. This is complimented by oversized slides and guideways on the X and Y axes to create precision and repeatability levels unsurpassed in the EDM marketplace. 

To improve ease of use for the end user, the tank of the EDM312 MF30 can be lowered and driven whilst filled to provide complete access to the workpiece. By permitting the 900 by 520mm work tank to be moved with a full tank, mid-cycle modifications are simplified for the end user and this reduces non-cutting cycle times. Contributing further to the productivity level of the EDM312 MF30 is the fully simultaneous CNC path control that is driven by a user friendly PC. This works with a familiar Windows based interface that presents the latest technology available. Highlighting this, the CNC control is based on a completely new Metro style software concept that has been designed specifically for touch screen operation. The user friendly control has a similar look and feel as the modern tablet PC. 

The powerful control unit makes it possible to work with all 6 axes simultaneously whilst using extensive probing cycles as well as a database for the technology section for even the most demanding of application. The programming can be conducted in both NC mode and through an intuitive menu guided set of options. As the hardware on the EDM312 is based upon an industrial PC, functions such as remote monitoring and network integration are easily achieved to enable complete automation solutions. 

From a productivity standpoint, the latest addition to the Exeron EDM line incorporates the German manufacturers' Exopuls+ high powered generator technology with the Digisparc optimised erosion process. What this all means for the end user is a high powered and compact generator that consumes far less energy than alternate systems to make it an efficient solution. With up to 120A available from the Exopuls+ generator, the system is encased in its own box that includes pole switching and cooling as standard. Furthermore, the Exopuls+ generator technology enables active current shaping of the erosion pulses. This is an essential basis in order to stabilise electrode wear during operation. This also enhances the shaping accuracy and overall precision of the EDM312. 

The flexibility of the Exeron EDM312 MF30 allows the operator to select from a wide variety of options to suit the diverse workpiece and production demands of virtually any industry sector. For example, the EDM312 can be selected with the option of a chuck that is integrated into the machine table or even with a rotary/pivoting table for complex component production. Additional options include C-axis bridging to support heavy and large scale electrodes, a CO2 fire extinguishing system, a cooling unit for thermal and dielectric stability, an environmentally friendly re-flushing system to prolong oil life by an additional 60%+ and also exo-call and exo-net for connecting to smart phones, PC's and tablets to support remote machine monitoring and machine status statistics.

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