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CNC International Launch Ultra Precise Machining Centre

08 Oct 2014

Linear Drive HSC

CNC International has now introduced the new Exeron HSC MP7 high speed machining centre to the UK marketplace. Sitting in the upper echelons of high-end machining centres, the new Exeron MP7 incorporates a gantry structure, integrated temperature control and linear drives throughout to deliver rigidity, precision and speed that is beyond the realms of most machining centres. It is this unrelenting precision and rigidity that makes the MP7 the first choice for the micro-manufacturing industry. 

Available as a 3 or 5-axis machining centre, the MP7 has a spacious X, Y and Z-axis travel of 730 by 340 by 400mm for the 3-axis machine whilst the 5-axis variant has an identical work envelope except for the Y-axis of 250mm. This is to accommodate the B and C-axis traverse. The 3-axis variant has a distance from the table to the spindle nose of 550mm whilst the 5-axis machine provides 450mm. This relatively large work area provides sufficient space for most components in the small to medium job range whist giving the operator easy access and high visibility of the work envelope. Across this work area the MP7 provides remarkable precision with a positioning accuracy of 5µm for the linear axis and ±5µm for the B and C-axis. 

With a spindle capable of 42,000rpm that is driven by a 10/13kW motor, the MP7 is remarkably fast and powerful, making it well suited manufacturers demanding high productivity rates. Furthermore, it has a HSK40 configuration to accept relatively large cutting tools that can significantly improve material removal rates. This HSK40 set-up is fed by a tool carousel that can offer the option of either 30, 60 or 90 tool positions. 

Despite offering all this quality and more, the true ingenuity of the MP7 is hidden in the finite details throughout the machine. For example, the build quality of the Exeron MP7 has been designed with a gantry type structure to enhance stiffness and damping for remarkable component accuracy and surface finishes. This design structure is also the bedrock for the inclusion of linear direct drives that optimise dynamics, precision and component quality. Integrated into this structure is active temperature regulation of the entire machine construction. 

Within this foundation block, Exeron has developed the MP7 to accept all types of automation and pallet loading systems, so customers can optimise the productivity of this high quality machining centre. Complimenting this philosophy, the Z-axis offers a large degree of freedom to permit the machining of high workpieces that may be pallet loaded. 

The interior of the machine is manufactured from stainless steel and the working elements are completely encased to allow the machine to conduct extensive wet and graphite machining for years to come without compromising the drives and guideways. In addition to this, the integrated laser system for the measurement and checking of cutting tools is also fully enclosed with its own tool cleaning system. It is the eye for detail in features such as the fully protected slideways and tool monitoring system that set the Exeron apart from its competitors. Taking innovation a step further, the MP7 also has inner spindle elongation sensor technology that monitors contours and prevents costly collisions. 

With regard to the control system, Exeron has paired the machine with the extremely powerful Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI FS control unit. This new contouring control provides optimised path control, short block processing times and special drive strategies. Working in conjunction with the completely digital construction, integrated digital drive control and inverter, the MP7 provides the highest possible machining speeds with unmatched contouring accuracy. The capability and productivity of the Exeron MP7 are unrivalled among competitor machines in its class and the quality and precision takes high end machining to a new plateau.

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