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CNC International Launches New EDM Line

05 Nov 2014

AL 560SA

To improve capacity and capability within its machine shop, Kannect Precision has just taken delivery of an Accutex AL400 CNC Wire Cut EDM machine from CNC International. Servicing the oil & gas, power generation and injection mould industries, the Hartlepool subcontractor spotted the Accutex Wire EDM line on the CNC International stand at MACH and decided it was the right fit for producing the company's mould press tools, jigs and fixtures. 

Whilst witnessing remarkable sales levels with the Accutex line since becoming the UK agent for the high quality line of CNC Wire Cut EDM machines in 2013; the Accutex AL400 at Kannect is the UK's first installation of the new AL Series of linear motor machines from CNC International. Since launching the new linear AL Series machines at MACH 2014, CNC International has taken a number of additional orders that are due for installation through October and November. 

Its no wonder the Accutex AL Series of Wire Cut EDM machines has hit the ground running since its UK introduction at MACH. Its linear shaft motor drive with its closed loop control eradicates backlash to deliver a high level of repeatability with low friction and exemplary efficiency and precision levels. The AL Series has four machines in the range from the smallest AL-400SA to the largest AL-600SA. The smallest machine can accommodate workpieces up to 790 by 610 by 215mm (LxWxH) whilst the large AL-600SA can accept workpieces up to 990 by 620 by 295mm (LxWxH). This submerged line of machines has a water tank capacity from 630 to 900litres and an overall weight from 3000kg to 3700kg depending upon the machine selected. 

Quality is in-build with virtually all elements of the Accutex WEDM line to improve precision and productivity for the end user. For example, the AL line incorporates a rapid servo response unit that can enhance the sensitivity of the discharge gap control to improve production times by upwards of 10%. Furthermore, this rapid servo response unit prevents the wire from breaking to reduce downtime whilst also increasing the processing speed. 

In addition, the Accutex AL Series has a high resolution signal processor that delivers a smoother velocity control than alternate machines. The result is improved stability of positional control that guarantees unrivalled contouring accuracy with a resolution narrowed down to 0.2microns. Working in conjunction with this is the Accutex Corner Pro system that optimises data such as wire thickness, cutting data, angle and workpiece thickness. This feature automatically controls the machine parameters to achieve the best possible cutting performance. What this means, is that small and continuous corners can be processed with astounding precision. This corner precision is matched by Accutex passion for perfection that now sees the AL Series introduce its new Lead-In and Lead-out technology. This innovation reduces the commonly occuring wire-mark at the lead-in process. On alternate machines the wire mark is in the surface roughness region of 5microns and above, but this is down to an incredible 1micron with the Accutex Series. 

With innovative solutions throughout the AL Series, Accutex has incorporated its Intelligent Discharge Unit for dealing with changing conditions such as material thickness and water flushing conditions to maintain a consistently high speed and high quality cut that reduces cutting times by over 35%. As well as all these innovations to offer astounding precision, quality and productivity, Accutex has also developed a 6th axis rotary table to improve flexibility and capabilities for the end user. This optionally built-in motorised spindle features an ultra high resolution of 700,000 pulses per revolution that is completely free from backlash issues. Furthermore, it can be installed as either a vertical or horizontal type. 

As if all this wasn't enough, CNC International can supply the Accutex line with a host of optional extras that include auto wire threading, anti-collision on Z-axis, safety door interlock, transformer, remote master, auto voltage stabiliser, alarm messenger, pilot lamp, 45kg jumbo wire feeder and high pressure water jet threading.

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