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CNC International Wins EDM Award

16 Apr 2015


At the recent Timtos International Machine Tool Exhibition in Taiwan, CNC International picked up an award from Accutex, the wire EDM machine tool manufacturers that are represented in the UK by the Ross-On-Wye company. 

The award for 'best newcomer' was presented to CNC International for its exceptional sales contribution since becoming the UK agent for Accutex in 2013. Presented at the Accutex global dealer meeting during the exhibition, the award recognises the efforts of CNC International to generate higher sales figures than any other new global agent. 

Since introducing the new line of machines to the UK EDM marketplace, CNC International has won significant market share in the EDM sector, as well as plaudits from its existing customer base for bringing a high quality, highly productive and cost effective EDM line to the UK shores. Commenting upon the prestigious award, CNC International's Mr Richard Whiles says: "The award is recognition for our hard work in introducing the Accutex range to new and existing customers. Since we introduced the Accutex line, our sales figures highlight the appetite of the manufacturing industry for a new 'entry level' series of EDM machines that are cost effective, well build, technologically advanced, reliable and well supported by our service department. The culmination of these factors puts our Accutex sales figures fourth on the company's list of best selling countries behind the significantly larger and more mature markets in China, the USA and Korea." 

"The arrival of the Accutex range is now giving CNC International a reputation as the benchmark for 'entry level' EDM solutions and our rapidly growing sales have exceeded expectation with double-digit sales for each of the two years we have been offering the range. The demand for Accutex machines has been overwhelming and we are rapidly increasing our market share. However, the impressive sales are also credit to our exceptional reputation for service that has been established in the EDM market over the last 25 years. Our customers trust us to deliver service levels that exceed expectations, and this is also a factor in obtaining such high sales levels," concludes Mr Whiles.

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