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SOLD Seibu M50AG Year 2014


Serial number: on request.

Submerged 5 axis CNC Wire EDM with Auto Wire Thread.

Axis Travel

X 500 mm

Y 350 mm

Z 310 mm

Maximum work piece dimensions.

X 800 mm

Y 650 mm

Z 300 mm

30° Taper cut

Heidenhain Linear Glass Scale XY,

Seibu M8A CNC control,

Non-electrolytic cutting with Seibu EP supply,

Super Finishing power supply unit module Ra 0.04 µm,

Submerged Cutting to 300mm,

Seibu AWF-4 latest generation Automatic Wire Threading,

Wire capacity 0.1 - 0.33 mm,

Hand box control,

Four side clamping frame.

Core stitch function (option)

Thermal adjust 24 & Thermal 24 (option)

Large reel option fitted, 25Kg, for extended running time (option)

EDM hours: 2,000


decorative element curve